Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Horse Head

   Often times we find gratitude through opposition.  That was my morning.  We run on a pretty tight schedule on school days, mostly trying to maximize morning sleep time for my son.  Add to the pressure of the morning was the fact that today was a MSP testing day.   Of course, this would be the morning that I couldn't find the car keys.  Normally we keep the keys on this:

Yes, you are seeing that right.  It is a horse head.  One of Jim's co-workers had gone home to Mexico and brought this gift back for Jim.  My girls complain and have tried to remove it but there it is and there it will remain until further notice.    Since I have a tendency to lose things this horse and I have become friends.  I am faithful in placing all keys there.  I haven't lost my keys for ages, (except for the spare key to my car)  that is until this morning.  Walker and I looked everywhere.  Desperate, I called my friend, Denise.  She picked Walker up and took him to school in time for testing.   Later I found my keys in a pocket. I know, the first place I should have looked.

It is a sweet feeling to find that which was lost.  A feeling of gratitude, as clear cut as it gets.

I can't let the day go by without mentioning friends.  Thanks, Denise for saving the day.  She is a very giving person and someone I can count on.    

Maybe a little opposition in life is good.  

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  1. This made me smile - I remember you losing things when we were 12! Happiness is knowing that old friends never completely change :)