Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my name

Many years ago when email was a new thing it came time for me to choose an email address.  My kids told me to be creative so  I went back to my childhood and pulled out a couple of nicknames my kind and loving brothers bestowed upon me.  Growing up in a large family and having a name that was easily manipulated I had plenty of them.  First, I couldn't say my own name.  Think about it, Sylvia doesn't easily roll off a toddlers tongue.  I called myself Sobia for quite a while.  Then being surrounded my creative siblings  I ended up being called Slivers.  It wasn't meant as a complement.     Later, Silver was given.  Little did I know how much I would live up to that name.  Of course, Sylv, Sylvie and Sly are just a few more.   No one calls me by a nickname anymore unless mom,  grandma or nana counts.  I like those names the best.     What is your nick name? 

Monday, August 30, 2010

What do you do when your kids go back to school?

The day was warming up and my sweet Rayray invited me to go on a walk.   Sorry, but that wasn't enough motivation for me.  After batting around a few locations we came up with a walk around Deep Lake.  Sunshine, fresh air and an amazing daughter, perfect combination.  Of course I brought my camera (get used to it) 
How fun is she?

Rayray likes to climb things, shoot things, jump off of thing, bake things and design things.  Today looks like a climbing day.  Yesterday was a baking day.  Yummy brownies. 

Nature provides a health snack half way around the lake.

I blew this one out because I was messing  with photoshop.  I love the way it makes her eyes pop. 

Gotta add a little nature shot.

Nice day, I would say.  What did you do when the kids went back to school? 

Don't be fooled

Yes, the address of this blog is silversliversdaily.  Don't be fooled.  Most likely I will not be posting daily.  How often will depend on how this goes and my learning curve. 

Fourth grade

Today was the first day of fourth grade for Walker.  I just happen to glance at facebook just moments before we got into the car and saw a few first day of school photos.  I grabbed my camera and got a quick photo of my manchild.  Phew, that was close.  Love that boy.   A little disclaimer, that is not the outfit I laid out for him this morning.  Guess it is okay since we have been working on being more independent.   He did well this morning too. 

Also notice that I still have flowers.  Not dead, worn out flowers, but real, full of life flowers.  I bought them, planted them and my sweet working man watered them faithfully.  Guess we make a good team.   The fuchsia right behind Walker's head is my favorite.  Think I'll try to keep that one over the winter.