Monday, September 20, 2010

I wanna go back

May 2009 has a special place in my photographic mind.  It was the time when Maisie fell under the same spell the rest of us suffer from.  She learned to love the beach.    That May brought beautiful clear skies and nice enough weather that we took Maisie's shoes off.   When those first grains of cold sand got on her feet she screamed.   She was dirty!!!  Oh, NO!! 

After adjusting to being barefoot her mom tried to introduce her to the ocean and it's waves.  She was....reluctant.

She was very, very reluctant.

An introduction was made.   Waves meet Maisie,  Maisie meet the Pacific Ocean.     

Completely content with the world.  Everything makes sense now. 



Sunday, September 19, 2010

Are you ready for random?

Are you ready for random?  I've taken a few days off from writing and my inner third grader seems to be winning the writing battle tonight.    I'm going to push forward and see what happens.

My goal is to get some control over my digital photos.  Use them or lose them.   Okay, I admit it was a weak threat.  I doubt I'm ready to push the delete button and flush everything but I do need to 'refine' what I have.  What all these photos  have in common is that they were taken in 2009, I took them and I like them for some reason.    That handsome guy in photo number one is my number one guy.   (now do you believe me about my inner third grader?  Let's hope it gets better from here)   We were at the Portland temple for a wedding. You will see a couple photos of that later.  It was a beautiful day, after it stopped raining, and the garden was in full bloom.  All wonderful elements and memories.

When it comes to photos of Rachel dancing I get into real trouble.  I mean we are talking thousands of photos.  I kid you  not.  I've traveled several times to Rexburg over the last few years  to watch her performances.  Loved it.   She is beautiful on stage and off.   Here is one humble shot of her doing an  80's number. 

 My monkeys.  This photo was their idea which makes it even more special.  They wanted something fun for their dad so they ran around for a second and found some of his favorite things.  A football I understand but guitar hero?  The upside down sunglasses are the best.   I can't look at this without smiling. 

 My sweet Rose.  A girl who likes to model and grandma who loves to photograph.  A good combo. 

My Tess.  Can you see the look in her eyes?  Yes, she is a character.   And 100% girl.  Favorite color?  Pink, of course.  She loves unicorns and ponies and giving me spectacular hairdos when she visits. 
Might as well keep along the Yetter  train of thought.   This was my girl not too long before  her little man was born.  I like it, kinda different.
Time sure does fly.  This little guy is now emptying my spice cupboard when he comes over.  They don't stay little long enough.  
Sorry but that is all I have for tonight. Except for this thought I've had this week about being a parent.   I am amazed at my kids.  They each have a little of me in them, but they have taken that small tidbit and have done amazing things.  They are more than I ever was or could be.  This gives me such joy and to confess, it is a little annoying.  Take photography,  I read, study, practice to improve.  They grab my camera and outdo me, just like that.  It comes so natural to them.  Arrrggg.  That said, it's back to the joy.  We'll just keep that little rant to ourselves, shall we?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

bestest text message

 I got the bestest text message today.   It melted my heart. 

                        I.         LkOVE.            NAna
 The message came from these cute little fingers.

They were covered with sand from Kalaloch beach.  I wonder, at times, if Maisie thinks NAna lives at the beach.   Guess that's okay, to think your grandparents live in  the most beautiful place on the earth.   Here is Maisie getting a warm-up cuddle from her mommy.  My baby is holding her baby.  Maybe the most beautiful place on the earth could be a little warmer.

Thanks, for the text message, little girl. 

 I.   LkOVE.         YOu.   Tkoo. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family, Friends and Fotos

I love days like today.  Weddings.  Two people crazy in love.  Family and  friends gather to celebrate and we get to take the fotos to help them capture the moments.    I'm very fortunate that Angie, an amazing photographer, let's me tag along on some of her bigger events.  She takes the pictures, I do the assistant stuff.   Like today, when Angie's tummy growled during the wedding , my tummy answered back.  That's what a good assistant does.  Right?   Angie takes 99% of the photos but I carry my camera around with me anyway. It makes me look more official and now and then I even take a photo.     Here are a couple of  my wedding  photos of J & R from today.  I, of course, played around with photoshop.  (love those  filters)


I wish J & R  a very happy life together.  It was a privileged to be a part of their special day.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Better than brain dribble in the rubbish bin

Anyone who really knows me has to be flabbergasted that I am writing a blog.  Some of my bestest friends in the world can tell you that they can count the number of letters I've written  to them on one or two fingers.  Longhand and I  have never been able to get along.  I start writing on paper and it comes out like a third graders rough draft and looks like it too.  (No offense meant to all the brilliant third graders out there)
Then came a little miracle.  McGregor, one of my baby brothers, told me about a book he was reading (The Artist's Way)  and even went so far as to buy a copy for me and drive it over to my house.  Everyone needs a little brother like that.  He has been like a little bulldozer on my behind most of our adult lives.  He wants me to do more, be more.  Or he just wants me to become rich and famous and leave all my money to him.   
Anyway, McGregor ended up disappointed in the book and it was very helpful to me.  Funny how that works.  It is a book about becoming more creative and McGregor is already a gifted writer.  Don't know what magic he was looking for.    The main challenge in the book  was to write everyday for thirty minutes.  Just let your mind dribble on and on about whatever.  Kind of like emptying the lint from the dryer.  (Yes, children, dryers have lint traps)    Can you imagine?   Now, I'm not going to say that I wrote everyday or even close to thirty minutes but that writers block cracked open a little.  My attempt at blogging is to keep that momentum going.  To keep my brain lint free.  So, thank you, all my dear friends and family, for  taking the time to read and/or comment. You are awesome and it makes this more fun than tossing my brain dribble  into the rubbish bin.

Change of subject.  I have a billion and two photos on my computer.  Now and then I will revisit some of my favorite oldies.    Today I ran across some  of Walker holding his brand new nephew.  I love the light in these pictures.  I love the tenderness of Walker.  I love that baby. 

Okay, this looks like a sweet picture but the truth is  Walker is saying, "why are you hitting yourself?" over and over.   Boys!!  I tell you.   Thanks again, McGregor.  Love ya.   

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I sure miss Andria

 Have you ever noticed when the newspaper prints a correction?  Well, apparently I made a statement on facebook that needs correcting.  Here is the original status.

There are times I really miss Alaska. The people, not the dark.

Andria responded with:  At first I thought this said, " There are times I really miss Andria." I felt special for a moment. ha ha

Sorry for all the typos, Andria.  Here is the correct version of that status:

I sure miss Andria, the person, with her, and fabulous smile, her infectious laugh and the joyful spirit that surrounds her. 

Okay, I added a little extra.  Andria, you are special, loved and missed.  Hurry back.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

goodbye american gothic

Brenna and I had a garage sale on Saturday.  We sold the basic stuff,  clothes, bike, toys, books and so forth.  For most of the day people would walk up to our sale and laugh.  I had the American Gothic picture  with the faces cut out for sale.  I  painted it for a Ward activity a couple of years ago .  In a bold move I put a sticker price of five dollars on it.  To say that Jim was an unbeliever is an understatement.  
In a moment of personal satisfaction a woman walked up and without even trying to barter bought it and walked away.  Just like that. Gone.   What in the world did she want with it?   Jim was dumbfounded but grateful to get it out of the garage.  
Miss Maisie and Maren

Saturday, September 4, 2010

You have to practice to be cute

Rachel is only home for a few more days before she heads back to her last semester of school.  She asked me to do a photo shoot of her wearing some of the outfits she designed and made. No problem.    Little Tess tagged along for part of it and wanted  to get into the action.  She told Rachel how to pose and said, "You have to practice to be cute."   I chuckled the rest of the afternoon.  Here are some of the pictures she made it into while teaching Rachel how to be cute.   Well, I have to admit.  She is cute. 
Never dull pictures when Tess is around.  She must practice a lot.
My favorite dress too.
This has to be one of my all time favorites. 
I love how their smiles match.
Swing me!! 
Phew, that was fun.