Friday, October 1, 2010


Have you noticed the change in the air?  Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  Beautiful  warm colors, sweaters, school supplies and new hairdos.   The best!!
One day last week I had some visitors.  Three grand kids came to play while their mom went to a doctor's appointment.  Out came grandma's bucket of clips and hairbrush and grandma's hair became a canvas for their creative minds and hands.    Eli looks a bit concerned but look at the proud expression on little Tess.  Big sister, Rose, was the photographer.
When it was Roses turn I could tell something special was in the making.  She used every clip in the  bucket.  It was a good thing I had Tess take a picture or I never would have known the spectacular hairdo I was getting.

Can you believe it? I feel so blessed.    Hope you are enjoying the changes in your life.


  1. So pretty! Ya know, Eli likes to do hair too. He brushed my hair for half-an-hour today. Couldn't quite figure out the rubberbands though.

  2. Oh, he was trying to put the clips in too, but couldn't figure out why they wouldn't stay.

  3. I have a faint memory of you putting tons of little tiny ponytails in my hair when I was young, we were at grandma's at the time.