Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jim goes 55

It has been a busy week.  Two birthdays and a visit from our 'Arizona' daughter.  Andria was the one who grabbed my camera last night and took pictures of my hubby's birthday party.  Okay, it was dinner, and a few presents but hopefully he felt loved.

The old man hinted that he needed a new belt, so he got two. 

Check out Walker trying to get into the picture.  Silly boy. Rose, I love your smile. 

Andria noticed that the net on our hoop was pretty sad (a few pieces of string). 

This is the card that Tess made for Papa.  She is quite the artist and becoming an excellent reader.
Tess still remembers how to be 'cute'.  

Andria told Walker to smile normally.  This is about as close as he gets. 

Isn't Eli getting big?  He has been changing so much lately.  Not a baby anymore.

A big girl picture.
Sad, but Andria leaves tonight to go back to Arizona.  I'm glad she was able to come up and enjoy some beautiful fall weather and help us celebrate the birthdays.   (Brenna had one too, but I have no photo proof.  You'll  just have to take my word for it.)
Thanks, Andria for taking most of these photos.  Thanks for coming.  We love and will miss you tons.  Walker was sad on the way to school  this morning.  He doesn't want you to leave.  Hurry back.

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